Friday, October 1, 2010

Bolen's Business

Fake-Tim Bolen is a "businessman" who owns two DE-funct and DE-licensed business. His most well known one is Jurimed.

As you can see, it is DE-funct! Note that the address is a mail drop.

His other business, North American Consumers Against Health Fraud, Inc. is listed by the State of California here:

Note how similar this business' name is to the National Council Against Health Fraud, Inc. which is affiliated with QuackBuster Stephen Barrett, M.D. Just in case you may be confused, do not be, there is no doubt in my mind that Fake-Tim Bolen chose the name to be dishonest and deceptive. He wants the confusion, since that is one of his main tools.

Both businesses are listed as suspended. California defines that:

Suspended for failure to pay taxes or file appropriate documents. As a businessman, Fake-Tim has several problems, the chief one is apparently paying his taxes. In X he did not pay his Franchise Tax:

NOTE: All tax records will be redacted to protect privacy of other Bolens. 

OK, so it is a State Tax, no big deal you say. Right. His businesses had been DE-licensed for several years and he fails to pay his franchise tax. On what? Nobody knows. 

Fake-Tim's other problems are federal tax liens from 2007 and 2008:


In my next article, I plan to begin a retrospective look at the fate of some of Fake-Tim Bolen's clients. Was he any more successful in helping them run their businesses than his own?

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