Friday, October 1, 2010

Bolen's Business

Fake-Tim Bolen is a "businessman" who owns two DE-funct and DE-licensed business. His most well known one is Jurimed.

As you can see, it is DE-funct! Note that the address is a mail drop.

His other business, North American Consumers Against Health Fraud, Inc. is listed by the State of California here:

Note how similar this business' name is to the National Council Against Health Fraud, Inc. which is affiliated with QuackBuster Stephen Barrett, M.D. Just in case you may be confused, do not be, there is no doubt in my mind that Fake-Tim Bolen chose the name to be dishonest and deceptive. He wants the confusion, since that is one of his main tools.

Both businesses are listed as suspended. California defines that:

Suspended for failure to pay taxes or file appropriate documents. As a businessman, Fake-Tim has several problems, the chief one is apparently paying his taxes. In X he did not pay his Franchise Tax:

NOTE: All tax records will be redacted to protect privacy of other Bolens. 

OK, so it is a State Tax, no big deal you say. Right. His businesses had been DE-licensed for several years and he fails to pay his franchise tax. On what? Nobody knows. 

Fake-Tim's other problems are federal tax liens from 2007 and 2008:


In my next article, I plan to begin a retrospective look at the fate of some of Fake-Tim Bolen's clients. Was he any more successful in helping them run their businesses than his own?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The BolenRetort: Statement of Purpose

Patrick Timothy Bolen, who uses the a/k/a Tim Bolen, and hereinafter referred to as Fake-Tim, claims that he is a crisis manager and public relations mouthpiece. Over the years he has been involved in some very questionable activities and litigation.

First, his real name is Patrick Timothy Bolen. His cousin, Tim Bolen, hereinafter referred to as Real-Tim posted a message to the newsgroup, explaining where he shows how Fake-Tim is an embarrassment to him personally, and the family in general., and this has been a life-long problem for Fake-Tim.

Please stop embarrassing yourself and the family - me in particular as I really am Tim Bolen, and believe that your "opinion" may lead to illness and death in others who may think that you really do know what your talking about.  As a communicable disease epidemiologist in Michigan I can tell you that this pandemic is not a "fake", we have investigated thousands of cases of the H1N1 virus and have documented deaths in 48 cases since 9/1/2009 and 58 since 4/1/2009 (I'm sure there have been many more, unfortunately sometimes deaths aren't really investigated as they should be).
Clearly, Fake-Tim is a problem to his family. Real-Tim goes on and says:

I am Timothy (Alan) Bolen, that is my given name - your's is Patrick (Timothy) - please quit using Tim Bolen.  Frankly I, and other Bolen's would prefer that you quit using the "Bolen" as well - I think you should change your name to "Charles Griffman" legally,

I am,
Tim Bolen
In one post, which I unfortunately cannot find, Fake-Tim mentions that he is a veteran. I have asked him a hundred times about his alleged service, and could not obtain his response. It appears to be something that he is ashamed of?

I have since learned that he enlisted in the Navy, and was discharged sometime thereafter in San Diego. No one seems to know if he served out his full enlistment and received an honorable discharge. Curious, though,  that he has never responded to my inquiries about his service.

So, that is where Fake-Tim started. In subsequent articles I will address his career as a crisis manager and the results of his management.

So Fake-Tim, tell us about your Naval service. Nothing to be ashamed of. The US Navy is one of fine tradition and honor.